You Got to Just Love Lake Lure!

You Got to Just Love Lake Lure!

By Russ Meade

I hope that you have seen from these pages that I love the Town of Lake Lure, NC!

This tiny town tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains is truly unique in all the world.

I was asked one time why I love living here so I thought I would add some reasons.

Add yours in the comment section if desired!

Only in Lake Lure, do:

We have a beautiful, safe environment where your neighbors are true friends!

We have a sparkling, clean lake that is the center of all summer activities.


We have only the second in the US of a bridge that is flowering! See:

Flowering Bridge

Where on most roads you can stop in the middle to talk to walkers.

Where we have a mountain that rumbles!

Rumbling bald

Where “heavy traffic” is two cars in a row!

Where you will never see a Mac Donald’s or Wal- Mart!

Wal Mart

Where Mom and Pop business are the only business allowed!


Where you cannot cut down trees to improve a view!

Where crime is unheard of!

Where gangs are retired men eating breakfast at Victory Restaurant!

Where deer, foxes, and bear roam freely and everywhere!

Where the only noise at night is a roaring stream!

Where there are more animals than people!

Where fall is ushered in the most beautiful colors in the world!


Where we have a state park with a unique chimney with an elevator at its center!


Where a helping hand is given by all through the Hickory Nut Outreach. See:


Where we have two beaches on a beautiful mountain lake!


Where we have “Little People” protecting our beautiful gorge. See article L


Where we have a history going back thousands of years! See article:

Where friends are truly family

Grop in the keys.jpg

Where you can zip through our mountains!

Zip lining

Where we put the word dirty in to the movie!

Dirty dancing

Where we honor our Veterans each year with a special service and free breakfast!


Where our history is remembered and honored!\


Where rock climbers from all over the world consider Rumbling Bald Mountain to one of the finest areas for their sport.

Olivia climbing

Where we  have several lost towns just waiting for you to find them again~


When being a bit nuts is a good thing~



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