Weed Patch Mountain Hike


“Located just north of Lake Lure, more than 1,500 acres of 3,418 ft.

Weed Patch Mountain was saved from development when CMLC acquired the tract in 2009.  The town of Lake Lure has since purchased almost 200 acres and plans to establish a town park with mountain biking and hiking trails.

Until public access at Weed Patch is possible, make a short hike to Kens Rock, a scenic cliff on the east side of Lake Lure for a breathtaking view of Weed Patch Mountain and the surrounding peaks.”


“Locate the dirt roadbed at the end of Tatanka Way. 

Follow it into the woods; the road makes an immediately left turn and begins a sharp descent.  The roadbed is both steep and rutted; use care on this section and consider using hiking poles or a walking stick.  After slightly more than 0.1 mi., the road reaches a T-intersection with another dirt road. Turn right and hike this road–one that is much more level than the first–another 200 yards until reaching Kens Rock on the left at 0.25 mi. While Kens Rock (N35.4788, W-82.1795) is usually obvious, vegetation during the summer sometimes hides it from the dirt road and some hikers unknowingly walk by it. Keep a keen eye out for well-defined side trails that lead through the brush and slightly downhill to reach Kens Rock only a few yards below.

Enjoy the magnificent view from the cliff at Kens Rock; always remain a safe distance from its edge. Weed Patch Mountain, while not particularly prominent, is the rounded peak directly ahead in the background of your view.

If you have difficulty picking it out, locate the small mountain in the foreground that has a small rock outcropping/cliff relatively close to its top. This mountain and the land extending back to its summit, as well as much of their slopes to the left, are within the 1,500 acre Weed Patch tract that was preserved in 2009 when it was purchased by CMLC. While enjoying the scenery, take a moment to imagine the impact that development would have had on this view if Weed Patch had not been saved by Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.”  Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy.

Support the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy as they are working hard to preserve our area!


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