Lookout Mountain Hike in Montreat


Distance to drive:           about 34 miles  from Rumbling Bald Resort in Lake Lure

Distance to walk: about  5  miles  depending on the route

Hike Rating:   moderate with a steep short climb

Lookout Mountain is deservedly the most beloved hikes in the vicinity of Black Mountain and Montreat, North Carolina.

A big burst of energy on a beautifully designed trail takes you to a rocky viewpoint overlooking Montreat and its surrounding wilderness. The view from the Summit is perhaps the best in Western NC!

Lookout has two main summits.

Big Lookout, the higher one at 3760 feet, has a wooded top and doesn’t get many visitors. We climbed Big Lookout and the effort was well worth it!

Some fun mountain bouldering climbing gets you to the summit. When you see the boulders rights in front of you do not turn back though you may be tempted to!

To mount your climb to Big Lookout, there are two ways that we tried.

From the parking lot:

  1. For a TOTAL body workout and your aerobics for a week, take the White Trail both up and down! Numerous high steps and then the bouldering will give you what you want!
  2. For a more manageable and fun experience, do the Orange ( Rainbow Road Trail) up  to the White Trail where the bouldering will begin and the WHITE TRAIL down. It is longer, shaded by mountain laurels hike and a fantastic experience !

Reward:    Stunning views all around you. Overlooking Montreat and the Seven Sisters Ridge. (Montreat is the home of Rev. Billy Graham)

Driving direction: Follow Route 64 west and Route 9 north (the Sea-Mountain Highway) to Black Mountain and straight to the very end in Montreat.

Turn right to Lookout Road. The road turns into gravel shortly before the parking lot (primitive) on the right.

On the way home, you may want to browse in Black Mountain.

Stop by at “My Father’s Pizza” on Cherry Street to sample the best pizza this side of Italy.

Russ and Joan Meade



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