Little Bradley Falls


Saluda, NC


Russ Meade. Joan Meade

Russ Meade. Joan Meade

Distance to drive:           about 15 miles from Lake Lure

Distance to walk:          about 3 miles

Hike Rating:                   moderate, hiking boots and walking sticks suggested. 

Reward:                           a magnificent water fall close up and perfect for wading

Driving Directions: 

From the Rumbling Bald Resort go past Ingles on 9. Turn right onto Holbert Creek Road. You’ll travel 2 1/2 – 3 miles into a small gorge along this twisty road. Just before Cove Creek there is an obvious pull-off to the left in the bend of the road. This is parking for both Little Bradley and Big Bradley Falls. Once parked, cross the road to your right, and walk across where Cove Creek flows under the road. 

The trail is up the hill a little to your right, marked with RED BLAZES. The trail should be obvious. Follow the trail along Cove Creek (which is always at your right) as it ascends slightly. You’ll cross three creeks as you follow this easy/moderate trail. Foot bridges would be nice. Little Bradley Falls is at the end of the trail


To see some pictures please click here:


 Russ Meade

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One thought on “Little Bradley Falls

  1. One of our favorite hikes in the area…A real gem!

    A nice video guide of the hike can be found here:

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