Crabtree Falls Hike


Distance to drive:           25 miles 

Distance to walk: About 2.5 miles round trip 

Hike Rating:                   Moderate with steep sections (hiking boots and sticks a must) 

Reward:                Stunning viewS of 70 feet waterfall. 

Driving direction: From the  Rumbling Bald Resort follow Bills Creek Road north to Mudcut Rd and 211 north to Marion. Go left (west) on 70 and after about 2 miles turn right to Route 80. Enter the parkway and go north to milepost 339.5. Enter the Crabtree Falls Campground and park to the right at the trail head.

Hiking direction:  

Take the trail from the parking area to a ‘T’ intersection. The trail to the right is shorter and somewhat easier. It’s mostly downhill to the waterfall (.9 miles)

A bridge over the creek in front of the falls offers great views. There are even better views on the other side of the creek, and you can walk up to the base of the falls.
You can either return the same trail or complete the loop (adds an extra 1/2 mile) by climbing the stairs across Big Crabtree Creek and continuing up and along the creek for the 1.6-mile hike back to the parking area. The first part just after the waterfall is the steepest. When you get closer to the campground, spur trails will head off to the right into the campground, but continue to the left until you get to the ‘T’ – turn right to get back to the parking area. 

Relax at the Little Switzerland Inn 5 miles north of the Crabtree at the Parkway. 

LITTLE S                           

 Russ Meade-

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