Catawba Falls



This is one of my favorite hikes as it gives such great rewards for exploring these beautiful falls

We explored this great area back in 2008 and will be going there again in June of 2015.

Here are some old pictures of our hike.

Note that none of us has aged!

Russ Meade


Distance to drive:   about 18 miles

Distance to walk:   about one and a half miles one way

Hike Rating:          moderate

Reward: Fantastic water falls, stream crossings, adventures climbing the falls

There are 3 stream crossings where by rocks have been positioned for a dry crossing, but if the river is up you may have to wade in the river.

At the bottom of falls is a nice rocky/boulder area for sitting and enjoying the falls, as well as a wading pool. For those a tad more adventurous, climbing just slightly further up you could stick your head in the falls. And for those really adventurous, climb up another 1/2 mile (using ropes going up and your butt coming down) are even more spectacular falls and views.

Directions from Website: From west of Old Fort, take I-40 east down the Old Fort grade and get off at Exit 73. (The waterfalls are way down there to your right when you are coming down the grade.) This is the 2nd exit for Old Fort. Before the exit ramp ends, take the right hand turn onto Catawba Falls Rd. If you are coming from east of Old Fort, get on I-40 west and get off at the same Old Fort exit.

Turn left and go under the interstate. Take the 1st right that looks like you are heading up the off ramp for I-40 east traffic. This is actually 2 way traffic for a very short distance up to Catawba Falls Rd where you have to turn left.

You may see signs for Catawba Falls Campground which is on Catawba Falls Rd. Drive 3 miles to the end of Catawba Falls Rd and the parking area is across the Bridge that was previously blocked off.

Russ Meade

R and J- Facebook

If you see a local hike that is not listed, please e-mail me! Happy Hiking!

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